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Field Monitor Convert

Yep kiddos you read that right I am a field monitor convert. I have resisted it for as long as I can but now i have joined the field monitor crowd. I will save my rant for after this, I am absolutely blown away by my Feelworld monitor. It is crisp, sharp, color rendering is…

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When Pigs Fly!

I am sure some of you know my opinions on light meters, they are a MUST HAVE for any DP or Videographer. Yes of course there are situations where you wont be able to use a light meter and you will need to just use your zebra stripes, histogram, or waveform to make sure you…

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Our Doldrums Are Your Discount

Our slow time is your chance to save on our stellar video production services. Mention This ad and save $100 on our production services. This includes: scripting, either a 4hr or 8hr shoot, editing, color correction, and audio sweeting. Of course as usual our video production includes lighting, audio and a few other goodies depending…

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Wednesday Morning at Wash Park

Had an interview shoot at Wash Park Wednesday morning and finished early. So I figured I would grab some random shots and just play with DaVinci Resolve a bit. I have to say I am impressed with ProRes 4:2:2 HQ, I wish I would have shot some of it in CinemaDNG Raw though really tested…

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