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It’s almost here! Time for candy, booze and evil frights. Have a great halloween, but let’s be honest tonight is Devils Night and we all know it’s a little more evil and fun. So from Evil Genius MediaWorks have a devilishly good time this weekend.


So the future is NOW! HA! I was 6 or 7 when we took the Universal Studios tour and we got to see the town square full of future goodies. That was a great summer and year for movies. 89′ gave us so many great films, Batman, Road House, Christmas Vacation, Weekend at Bernies. Holy…

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Our Logo Has A Whole New Look

That’s right kiddies we have a whole new logo. Hey if its good enough for Google and Verizon its good enough for Evil Genius Mediaworks. We have also added some functionality to our site. Have a look around and stay evil it is almost Halloween after all.

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