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Video Noise And Film Grain Are Not The Same Thing

It was bit of a slow weekend and I decided to watch the Criterion Blu-Ray of Days of Heaven (1978). First off I forgot how truly gorgeous this film was, the shots of the wheat fields are absolutely breath taking. Néstor Almendros really made this Tarrence Malick film sing. Days of Heaven is in my opinion…

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Shooting RAW Isn’t Just To Hide Mistakes

I was reading an article this morning about all of the advantages and leeway that shooting RAW gives you. I love shooting RAW when it makes sense. There is nothing better than the huge dynamic range and latitude for color timing that RAW gives you, but make no mistake about it those are the key…

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Field Monitor Convert

Yep kiddos you read that right I am a field monitor convert. I have resisted it for as long as I can but now i have joined the field monitor crowd. I will save my rant for after this, I am absolutely blown away by my Feelworld monitor. It is crisp, sharp, color rendering is…

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When Pigs Fly!

I am sure some of you know my opinions on light meters, they are a MUST HAVE for any DP or Videographer. Yes of course there are situations where you wont be able to use a light meter and you will need to just use your zebra stripes, histogram, or waveform to make sure you…

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Our Doldrums Are Your Discount

Our slow time is your chance to save on our stellar video production services. Mention This ad and save $100 on our production services. This includes: scripting, either a 4hr or 8hr shoot, editing, color correction, and audio sweeting. Of course as usual our video production includes lighting, audio and a few other goodies depending…

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Wednesday Morning at Wash Park

Had an interview shoot at Wash Park Wednesday morning and finished early. So I figured I would grab some random shots and just play with DaVinci Resolve a bit. I have to say I am impressed with ProRes 4:2:2 HQ, I wish I would have shot some of it in CinemaDNG Raw though really tested…

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#DenverMediaProfessionals April MeetUp

Last nights MeetUp, Lighting for Interviews – The bad, the good, the great! Was an absolutely fantastic time. It was informative and really well thought out. I always love going to MP&E not only do they have all of the toys you could ever want to play with, everybody there has a very impressive knowledge base…

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#COPVA March MeetUp

Last night I attended my first COPVA MeetUp and now I want to use some practical effects!. It was great to meet a bunch of new people. Jim Milligans presentation was amazing. He made practical effects seem fun and very accessible. It really opened my eyes and has me thinking of ways to up my production…

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#AClockworkOrange at #AlamoDraftHouse

I have to say finally seeing #AClockWorkOrange on the big screen was everything I had hoped it would be. I cant wait for the next Kubrick screening. It’s always fun to see a movie you know forwards and backwards with an audience for the first time, it always reveals laughs or shocks you never really…

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A New Year And A Whole New Look!

Thats right Evil Genius Mediaworks did it again. We have updated our logo and are hoping that 2017 will be even better than 2016. As usual we would love to hear from you and what you think of our new logo.

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