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    Let your creativity run wild, we do. Whether it's your creativity or ours, we can bring your project to the now.


    Inspiration can come from anywhere. Let our inspiration give life and light to your project.  


    We can make your project the most effective. Let us help you make your project impactful and effective.


    Stand our from the crowd. We can make your project just as unique and distinctive as you are.

If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.

— Stanley Kubrick —

Our Services

From Video to photo, graphic and website design we can bring bring your idea from a concept to a completed project. There is no deadline too short or budget too small.

  • Video

    Pre-Production to Post-Production and everything between. Whether you are looking for a commercial, web video, industrial or corporate presentation our dedicated team will ensure that you will be proud of your product.

    What we offer
    • Full 1080p Video
    • DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring
    • Digital Delivery
    • High Quality Audio
  • Photography

    A picture is worth a thousand words so let us help you say everything you want to. Our attention to detail and keen, creative eye will help make every photo as memorable and meaningful as it should be. 

    What we offer
    • Product Photography
    • Corporate Events
    • Real Estate
    • Editorial
  • Graphic Design

    No matter what your graphic design needs are, we can do it all.  Let us help your business shine with high quality impactful designs. Everything from finished products to layered files in every format that you could require. 

    What we offer
    • Print & Online Advertising
    • Logo Design
    • Product Branding
    • Corporate Identity Packages
  • Website Design

    From personal sites, blogs, vlogs, corporate or e-commerce websites our genii can do it. Your online presence is essential nowadays and we would love to help make yours an impactful and memorable one.

    What we offer
      • Custom Websites
      • HTML, Flash, PHP, CSS
      • Wordpress,  Joomla, and Drupal sites
      • Touch-Ups, Tweaks, Re-Vamps

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Notes From The Lab

  • #TrueDetective S02E02
    29 Jun Comment
    Finally, bring on the weird. It's whats been missing this season. So aside from last nights shocking ending, the things that made the first season of True Detective so good were the fantastic way they told the story with the jumps in time, and the weird metaphysical creepiness. This season we have had neither, until last night that is.
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    in Reviews
  • #GetReadyToFeelOld
    20 May Comment
    Thanks to the good folks at UPROXX they pointed out today is the 25th anniversary of "Can't Live Without Your Love" by Nelson. Holy Crap! Has it been 25 years? Really? I will admit it i kind of liked "After the Rain". I just can't believe its been 25 years, this whole time passing thing needs to take a break A.S.A.P.
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    in Nerdy
  • #GameOfThrones S05E05
    11 May Comment
    So just how long does it take for winter to show up? Episode 5 was an obligatory build up episode setting the stage for things that will hopefully pay off down the road. There is not a lot to say about episode 5 other than where the hell is the house of black and white? This has been one of my favorite storylines this season and last night it was nonexistent.
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  • #MadMen S07E12
    04 May Comment
    So this is almost it kiddos, just two episodes left. It is hard to believe that this series is coming to a close. Last nights episode felt like we are coming to some sort of closure. It almost seems that all of the characters sense or know that the show is ending and it made for a great episode. Of course, all anybody can talk about is how is it going to end?
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  • #MayThe4thBeWithYou
    04 May Comment
    So it's finally here the last May the 4th before we get a whole new star wars film. We all need to cross our fingers and hope that this new batch of films will be better than the last batch of films. Please keep the lens flares to a minimum Mr. Abrams, pretty please with sugar on top.
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    in Nerdy

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